About Broadly Focused

Hello and welcome to Broadly Focused, bringing you grown-up conversations about the stories that matter to you.  From LGBT and civil rights and human rights around the world to science and politics, from the perspective of an atheist and a believer.

Your host, Matt is your typical: atheist, skeptic, gun collector, science and science fiction nerd, husband, and father of a young biracial child.  Your co-host Brian is a man raised by fundamentalist Christians, but schooled by the state of California.  His life long love of roleplaying games and reading have made him flippant, irreverent, and somewhat well read – and having a child hasn’t counteracted those tendencies…much.

Each episode, we’ll discuss the several current news items we want to talk about, we’ll each highlight a person, blog, podcast, or web site of interest, and finish up by responding to any listener feedback we’ve received and updating you on any of our previous stories that are back in the news.  Please subscribe in iTunes to get each new episode as it comes out, and if you can find time to rate and review the show, it really helps us out.

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