Broadly Focused Podcast – Episode 13

This was a fun one!  I got a new mic for Brian that gives us a more consistent level for him with less noise.  We had a bunch of crap going on, and were a bit rushed, but still had a good session.  We kept on topic for the most part and got to all our stories (although we really only cared about the Enterprise thing).

News Items:

Obama Affirms Belief that Same Sex Couples Should Get Married

For President Barack Obama and his team, the decision to back gay marriage came down to a choice between two unpalatable alternatives: Support it and brave the backlash in battleground states where the issue could be a liability — or keep silent and be accused by allies of gutlessness and putting politics over principle
We applaud the president for his bravery while giving him shit for having equivocated over this simple issue for so long to begin with.

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — The Kansas House on Monday approved a bill designed to prevent the state from subsidizing abortions even indirectly through tax breaks, but the measure’s chances in the Senate appeared uncertain.

The bill was adopted by an 88-31 vote. The measure would prohibit Kansas taxpayers from claiming abortion expenses under a deduction for medical costs when filing their income taxes. It also would deny tax breaks to abortion providers, such as an exemption to the sales tax that nonprofit groups claim when purchasing goods.

Jesus Christ, Kansas, please stop trying to compete with Arizona and North Carolina for the ‘Most Embarrassing State’ title!

We Can Build the Enterprise within Twenty years

This website proposes something truly inspiring. It is this: We have the technological reach to build the first generation of the spaceship known as the USS Enterprise – so let’s do it. The ship can be similar in size and will have the same look as the USS Enterprise that we know from the Star Trek science fiction. It ends up that this ship configuration is quite functional. This first generation Enterprise can have 1g artificial gravity and ample living space. It can be as comfortable to live in as being on earth. A thousand people can be on board at once – either as crew members or as adventurous visitors. While the ship will not travel at warp speed, it can travel at a constant acceleration such that the ship can easily get to key points of interest in our solar system.

OK, so this guy is officially our hero.  We love the site, love the idea, and have major nerd wood right now.

Items of interest:

Matt –

Check out the first private spacecraft getting ready to dock with the ISS!

Brian –

This is a cool starship bridge simulator (very Star Trek-like) where multiple people on multiple systems control the ship under the direction and coordination of the captain.  It is uber-nerdy, and really fun so far.

The Game:

The game gave us some random crap and more on Obama and his ‘bombshell’ of being a decent human being.  We chose Obama.  I think we’re going to trash this segment.

Listener Feedback / Follow Up:

No follow up this week, but we did get a comment from – you’ll never guess – a female!  We suspect a trap, but play along for the moment anyway.  In all seriousness, check out for some fresh feedback from an early listener.


4 thoughts on “Broadly Focused Podcast – Episode 13

  1. Aww– you guys read my post on air; I’m flattered! And I’m a real female– I can prove it by assuring you I was less than enamored with all the Star Trek talk. (I’m actually quite the science geek– but not really a sci-fi nerd.) Nevertheless, I was entertained, and I plan to come back for more.

    Here’s something related to Star Trek that might make for an interesting future bit: Scientologists think that the writers of Star Trek are just remembering their past lives– yes, they think Star Trek is remembered human history from past lives before humans were infested with Thetans!:

    (It looks like you are going to have to compete with Scientologists for seats if the Enterprise project ever gets off the ground.)

    [edited 5/21/2012 @ 11:05 reason – fixed link]

    • Hello again, Articulett!

      I’m sure this isn’t what you were saying, but since it’s my soap box:

      Science fiction is the cheerleader of science. If it weren’t for science fiction, only a handful of physicists would know what a Dyson sphere or ring is, but thanks to people like Larry Niven (Ringworld), Gene Roddenberry (TNG Episode 230 “Relics”) and Bungie Studios (Halo), millions know. If not for Arthur C Clarke, how much longer would we have waited for communication satellites? Heinlein and waldoes …. how many industries have been positively effected by that one innovation?

      When so much of today’s research is dependent upon convincing senators and congressman that such and such an idea is exciting and deserves funding, and it’s hard enough to interest American students into the hard sciences, don’t begrudge us our cheerleaders!

      /end rant

      [edited 5/21/2012 @ 11:01 reason – changed to a reply, removed reference to broken link]

  2. Let’s get ready to RAGE!!!! LOL funny how you expected raging Christians to attack you guys…It is my dream one day to have that much of an impact that Christians care enough about what I think to rail against me…someday. To be blunt, you guys are not that controversial. Shows like Cognitive Dissonance and Church of Awesome are way more in your face and what you guys do is more calm and measured, which is not a bad thing.

    Peace and Blessings

    • I know, I know, delusions of grandeur! It comes from years on message boards, product comments, and Google+ Hangouts (you know, places with visibility). Maybe if I actually promoted the podcast a bit… That’s it! I’l start promoting the show on, the WBC’s site, and the biggest Roman Catholic forums I can find!

      We’ll show you, cwebb, we’ll get a raging theist before you do. There, the gauntlet has officially been thrown down. The first blog/podcast to get feedback from a raging theist wins 42 internets. (Please note all internets will be donated by Al Gore)

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