Episode 10

Recorded completely live for the first time ever.  Stoked on that.  Episode 10 – a landmark indeed.  We totally had a huge party.  Not really, but we did have dinner and hang out for a bit because of my new schedule.  You’ll hear all about it.

News Items:

German incest couple loses human rights case

According to German law,  sexual intercourse between relatives is punishable with imprisonment for up to three years or a fine, Die Welt Online reported. Stuebing, 35, was handed several prison sentences and has already spent more than three years in prison, the German website said. His relationship with his sister has fallen to pieces as a result, something for which his lawyer believes German courts should be held responsible.

Ewww.  Just effing ewww.

Baby Baptism Lawsuit

This week the Tennessee Court of Appeals said Lauren Jarrell must face a criminal contempt hearing for violating a court order that said major decisions regarding the religious upbringing of her two children should be made jointly with the children’s father.

So we’re not sure about this one.  It seems like the parents sort of share the civil right to their child’s religious upbringing, and the court is trying to protect them for the dad, but to me, this just seems like they’re arguing over what color Russel’s teapot is.

Taking Credit for Other People’s Work

Earlier this week, when the CDC announced a record low in the teen birth rate, it listed two possible causes: “The impact of strong pregnancy prevention messages” and “increased use of contraception.” The Guttmacher Institute came out with an even stronger message: “The most recent decline in teen births can be linked almost exclusively to improvements in teens’ contraceptive use,” the organization said in a press release, which pointed to another CDC study for evidence.

But that hasn’t stopped conservatives from claiming that the drop is a result of, you guessed it, abstinence education and, paradoxically, an increase in abortions.

We laugh at the neocons and take a look at just how intellectually dishonest this position is.

Holy Shroud, Fraud Man!

A famed art historian told CBS News “Sunday Morning” on Easter Sunday, April 8, that the reputed burial cloth of Jesus – known as the “Shroud of Turin” – is real; while the report also offers a new take on the “Resurrection” which challenges Christian orthodoxy. At the same time, yet another challenge to the Shroud of Turin comes from the legions of Internet hoax-busters who find some sort of satisfaction in decrying anything they can’t see, touch or experience in a personal way. “To decry something is to speak disparagingly about someone or something; while also denouncing it as faulty or worthless,” explained retired Coos Bay teacher George Holborn during a recent Huliq interview about his personal interest in the Shroud of Turin. “What gets me about these hoax-busters is nothing is sacred to them because, in my view, they are a joyless bunch who get their jollies at bursting any bubble they can find,” adds Holborn when also comparing today’s crop of eager-beaver hoax-busters as “those kids who got expelled when I taught high school because they didn’t believe in their teachers, their parents, America or anything they couldn’t make a buck on.”

The short version of this guy’s argument appears to be that the fraudsters did such a good job, it’s almost impossible to tell from the real thing (without science, of course).

Items of interest:

Brian – On the enjoyment of old sci-fi shows

Brian waxes nostalgic (and his bikini area!) over old sci-fi, especially the stuff that seems really primitive and cheesy to the uninitiated in the modern era.

Matt – http://talkorigins.org/

Have a friend who claims the sun is shrinking, and therefore would have been too large only a short time ago, or that the global flood caused the geological striations?  Go search or browse the archive at talkorigins.  They’ll help you set your wayward friend straight in no time!

The Game:

Secret Service Head Backs Agent Firings, Lawmaker Says

Not a whole lot to work with on this one, but we still get on about the Secret Service and stupidity in general.

Listener Feedback / Follow Up:

We talk about the shitty news that Arizona’s governor, Jan Brewer has signed the ludicrous new abortion law into effect, and get into an article sent to us by loyal listener Jonathon.  Thanks, Jonathon!  We’re trying to get schedules worked out for that interview!


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