Episode 7

The coveted Episode 7!  I heard on a podcast somewhere that around 70% of all new podcasts are over by the seventh episode.  Hah! you’re stuck with us, bitches!

News Items:

Darth Cheney has final human organ replaced

WASHINGTON – Former vice president Dick Cheney, a 71-year-old with a long history of cardiovascular problems, had a heart transplant Saturday and is recovering at a Virginia hospital. Not even Cheney knows the donor’s identity.

We crack wise about our former VP, and scoff a bit at the knee-jerk assumption that he got his heart due to preferential treatment.

Paedo Priest Surprise; Pleads Guilty in Philly

A defrocked Catholic priest about to begin trial on molestation charges in Philadelphia abruptly changed his plea to “guilty” on Friday. As part of his confession, Father Edward Avery declared that his diocese had been aware of his crimes, but had allowed him to keep his job.

This is one for the WTF category.  We kind of stumble through, to be honest.  We had both looked over several articles, but there is just a dearth of useful information.  I get all assumptive.




47 casualties from Nigerian Faith Healer Performance

Cape Town faith healing event ends in one death and 16 injuries

Items of Interest:

Matt – The search for planet Kolob

Kolob is a star or planet described in Mormon scripture. Reference to Kolob is found in the Book of Abraham, a work published by Joseph Smith, Jr., the founder of the Latter Day Saint movement. According to this work, Kolob is the heavenly body nearest to the throne of God. While the Book of Abraham refers to Kolob as a “star”, it also refers to planets as stars, and therefore, some LDS commentators consider Kolob to be a planet. Other Latter Day Saints (commonly referred to as Mormons) consider Kolob to be a Christian metaphor.


Brian – Impressions from the 2012 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: Faster than the Speed of Light

It seems the debate left Brian a bit wanting.

The Game:

Listen to Supreme Court argue health care reform law

The Supreme Court weighs arguments on the requirement to buy insurance contained in the health care reform law.
We talk socialism, the way we should have done it, and more politics.

Listener Feedback:

AtheistSocialWorker CWebb Claims Psychic Connection!

The continuing conversation with cwebb, and the follow-up that comes with it.



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