Sorry, no episode this week

Hello everyone.  I am sorry to report that for a variety of reasons, we are choosing not to release Episode 5 this week.  We recorded on Tuesday morning as usual, using the new equipment, but we were uneasy with the content from the beginning.  Brian wasn’t feeling well, and felt that he did not perform at his best during a rather involved discussion we had about sex education, birth control, and religion.  Neither of us felt we had done Brians topic of interest (a blog about airsoft combat) justice due to a complete lack of knowledge and research.  Since this blog belongs to a friend of the show and early supporter, this wouldn’t stand.  We recorded a skype interview with our listener, but had a very poor skype connection, and therefore some fairly bad audio quality on his voice.  We will re-record that, or clean it up and include it next week.  Last but not least, we had a good discussion, including a short rant by Matt about the effing media, and due to a complete brain fart on Matt’s part, we recorded this part with the beginning of the episode mixed in evenly with our live vocals.  Unlistenable, I assure you.  Add this all up with the fact that it is now Saturday evening, the episode is already four days late, needs a bit more editing, then the process of converting, tagging, uploading, and linking… we’re just going to have to scrap it.  Sorry folks, Episode 5 will be out on Wednesday.  It will also be quality content, not junk.  We will be including evergreen portions, like my Topic of Interest, the Voyager site.  We’ll keep the listener feedback as well, and go over any new feedback we get.  We will be recording an all new news section, but we’re going to include the topic that had the technical glitch, because we both felt it was important – not because of the article itself, mind you – but because of the reaction to it.  The game, of course will be new.  We will probably cut some of the better sections from what is left and put them on YouTube as short clips.

Again, we’re sorry for the skipped week, but we just didn’t bring the quality, and didn’t bring it on time.  We hope you’ll stick around a few more days for Episode 5, and bear with us during our growing pains here.


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