Episode 4

The mixer didn’t arrive on time, but we found a safe workaround.  So, there is no quality improvement over Episode 2, but there were also no issues like in Episode 3.

News Items:

Judge decides to dismiss case against muslim immigrant for assaulting insulting atheist

Once again, Brian keeps Matt from going off half-cocked.  The lack of objectivity in the modern media really is disgusting.   While the Muslim attacker was clearly in the wrong here, the judge really didn’t have the choice to convict the man.  Be warned:  we get very tangential on this one.

Republican candidates decry the expulsion of religion from the political arena

Newt Gingrich said the country is under attack by a the “secular left,” Mitt Romney is concerned about President Obama’s “secular agenda” and Rick Santorum has said repeatedly that the idea of an absolute separation of church and state makes him want to “throw up.”

The Great State of California leads the nation in Science Eduction – WTF?

Well, we screwed up here.  Actually, it was Brian’s fault.  You’ll hear it.  We didn’t cover this story, and I’m a little bummed!  I really encourage you to check the report out, as it shows an important and alarming trend in US education.

(Brian: I feel especially dumb as this was a topic I brought to the discussion!)

Items of Interest:

Brian – The Edge.org annual questions

The Edge’s annual question, this year, was “what is your favorite deep, elegant or beautiful explanation?” Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. When a religion or ideology becomes dominant, the lack of controls will result in widening spirals of license leading to degradation and corruption.

Matt – The Audacity to Podcast Podcast

A podcast about podcasting and Audacity audio software.

Seemingly off topic, I know, but If I had listened to this guy, what happened last week would have been all but impossible.  I tie it in to a call to action for freethinkers (not just atheists) to get involved.

The Game: Death toll in Ohio school shooting rises to 3

Ugh, nasty stuff here.  We touch on the case itself, Matt’s lack of mainstream news exposure, and parlay the conversation into one about irrational responses to statistically minor threats.


4 thoughts on “Episode 4

  1. Good job boys. This podcast had a few things I liked, good discussions and my name. I’m not sure what Brian’s leanings are but I think he provides that counterpoint to Matt’s points/position but I don’t know if he really does that or is doing it for the podcast? Sometimes it feels forced.

    The whole creationism versus science issue he agreed with you but still tried to be the devils advocate.

    Also, Matt, I’m interested in hearing about your relationship wife your wife and how you handle the conflicting world views. I’m in the same boat with my wife and my two girls. Glad to hear I’m not the only one going through this.

    And I moved from San Diego to North Carolina because Uncle Sam sent me there and now we call it home.

  2. Hey, thanks again, cwebb! Glad you enjoyed. Brian gets into his background and current beliefs in Episode 0, but the short version is theistic agnosticism. I’ll let him get more into detail if he likes, but there’s no straining to push our conversations into a box, we’re just feeling out the format and getting used to doing this all on ‘tape’.

    I can definitely touch on my home situation more in Episode 5, I’ll put it into the show prep notes.

    Again, I can’t thank you enough for the feedback and early support. We’ll definitely get you into the show again next week, and mention the sites, as well.

    Also, if you’d ever like to record a message and email it to us, we’d almost certainly play and discuss it in the next episode. You can use feedback@broadlyfocused.com or matt@broadlyfocused.com

  3. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the comments, and for coming back! I agree, I can sound forced at times, and that’s because I feel a duty, not being an anti-theist, to try and accurately describe the positions or feelings of the religious and/or conservative -particularly when I don’t agree with them, because I find that’s when you must pay the most attention to what someone is saying.

    However, I also just enjoy needling Matt and making him think through his (relatively) new found evangelism – again, whether I agree with his position or not – and occasionally flummoxing him with a thoughtline he hasn’t considered or has dismissed out of hand. (Like the idea of human self-sacrifice; not something I’d ever practice myself, but I don’t see any problem with it provided the individual doesn’t drag anyone else onto the sacrifical alter with them.)

    • I agree with your logic Brian, I like to hear Matt’s gears grinding when you throw a wrench in his thought process.

      I’d appreciate the shout out but if you do, just do the atheistsocialworker.org


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