Episode 2

This week we start with a correction, and touch quickly on the Prop 8 Decision, then move right into the news for the week.

News Items:

Malaysia deports Saudi Journalist Hamza Kashgari

We talk about the man Malaysia deports back to Saudi Arabia to face charges of questioning the prophet Mohammed.

Rick Santorum says no to women and gays in the military

We talk about the complex issue of female combat troops and Santorum’s anti-progress views.

Article showing that about 1% of the UK female troops in the Afghani campaign came back pregnant.

And an interesting paper on pregnancy rates in the US Military – where unintended pregnancies have a higher rate of occurrence than in the civilian population. (I’m still reading the whole thing.) 

Samuel L Jackson says he only voted for Obama because he was black

He doesn’t even really make an excuse for it, he just claims that’s what everyone does. He also gets into the N-word and why no one gets to define his understanding of it for him.

Items of interest:

Brian – Budget cuts to NASA

More science geekery from Brian!  We lament the budget cuts and talk the future of space exploration.

medical device created by NASA for Mars mission

Matt – Ardent Atheist

I’ve been having Google+ Hangout conversations with Heather Henderson from the Ardent Atheist show, and am only becoming a bigger fan.  I encourage everyone to check out the content, it is really funny, edgy, and definitely worth listening to.  The host is Emery Emery, professional comedian, film maker and ardent atheist.

The Game

We may have to revamp this concept.  We ended up with an article about Whitney Houston’s funeral.  Joy.  We stretch, and somehow manage to relate it to the the focus of the show, but it ain’t pretty.


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  1. That’s why I love audio podcasts – it gives that whole “through the looking glass” distortion to everything. Just like the power of the internet protects me from the David Lynch-esque makeup job you’ve got going on.

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