Episode 1

What do you know, Episode 1.  We managed to get and stay on the outline, and only went over by 20 minutes or so.  Here are the talking points and links:

News Items:

Santorum tells gay man he doesn’t deserve privilege of marriage

We explore Rick Santorum’s anti-gay tendencies and the possibility that he is our country’s most homophobic major candidate ever.

Mitt’s polygamist Mexican grandfather

This is where I call Mormon beliefs bullshit and we conclude that moving to Mexico to avoid prosecution for polygamy doesn’t make you a Mexican, it makes you an expatriate.

Actress’ claim to be gay by choice

This article gets us talking about the nature vs.nurture debate and it’s impact on the LGBT movements’ efforts.

Items of interest:

Matt – Assumption of Mary

This is just some typical Catholic craziness I wanted to point out.  The short version: Mary physically floated up to heaven.  Seriously.

Brian – Newt calls for Moon Base/Kepler Project

We get our science geek on.  We also reference another of my favorite podcasts, The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe.

The Game:

Well, as it turns out, the game can end up a bummer.  We pull the top story off Google News and try to give it the Broadly Focused treatment.  I won’t spoil the surprise. Click here for the article.


I forgot to write down the time during my listen-through, so I’m not sure what section this was supposed to be in:  Matt Dillahunty is who I would try to be if I were smarter, quicker on my synapses, better versed in Biblical verses and history, and a better debater.  I’m not quite gay on him, but it’s pretty close.  He’s the host of two of my favorite podcasts (they’re live internet radio and/or TV shows as well!), The Atheist Experience and The Non-Prophets.  He’s also the President of the Atheist Community of Austin.


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