Episode 0

Well, we’ve done it now!  Here is Episode 0 of the Broadly Focused Podcast.  Brian and I got together for other purposes, but ended up talking ourselves right in to our introductory episode.

We do ramble a bit, but we cover most of the bases.

We introduce one another, taking generally from our recently written about us page, and then go over the basic format for the show.  We get sidetracked, and don’t get around to mentioning the third segment, which will feature our game, where we pull up the current top story on Google News and have a go at it.

After a brief chuckle at the expense of young-earth creationists, we get around to talking a bit about our religious histories, including our time studying neopagan practices and my upbringing in the Roman Catholic church.  This leads us to an exploration of Brian’s beliefs, and his foundation for them.  I eventually accuse Brian of being an atheist.  He doesn’t deny it, but indicates a ‘gnawing doubt’ will likely keep him from taking a ‘hard’ atheist position any time in the near future.

Next, Brian viciously attacks the Invisible Pink Unicorn and Russell’s teapot, and I go just as hard at religion in general.  As we get ready to wrap up, we touch on why we’re doing this and revisit the format a bit.  Insert jabs at the news networks here.  We hit a tangent about our Science Fiction predilections, and finally get around to signing off.

You can email any general feedback to feedback@broadlyfocused.com or get either of us individually at matt@broadlyfocused.com or brian@broadlyfocused.com.  Start a conversation on our Wall at facebook.com/broadlyfocused or our Twitter feed @broadly focused.  My personal feed is @godlessmatt.


5 thoughts on “Episode 0

  1. Thanks to Ardent Atheist, I am a fan and glad to be in on the ground floor. I enjoyed the first episode. I have done some podcasting in the past and I know some of the issues starting out, mainly audio. You guys sound good with a few problems but I know you will eventually work them out.

    • Thanks alot for the feedback! We’re glad you enjoyed our early efforts, and hope the trend continues. Any AA fan is a friend of mine!

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